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News - Wednesday 18th May, 2016

It’s official! The Carry Ons are back! The 32rd. film in the series, ‘Carry On Doctors’, will go into production later this year, with a release date early next year. Produced by Jonathan Sothcott, and written by ‘Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps’ scribes Susan Nickson and Tim Dawson, the film will refresh the franchise that has made the world laugh since the late 1950s. I’m more than chuffed to be involved and have been extensively quoted from the press release: “The saucy world of bedpans and thermometers has been an integral part of the Carry Ons for well over 50 years. Now, as the series carries on into the 21st Century, ‘Carry On Doctors’ returns to hospital with a cast crammed full of beloved comedy actors and a hilarious script that will have you in stitches! With a kiss to the past and a firm finger on the pulse, it’s time to Carry On. Again”. See you at the pictures!

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