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News - Tuesday 13th June, 2017

The end of a perfect Carry On Cruising adventure through Medieval Europe with Cruise and Maritime Voyages, and quite honestly one of the happiest companies I’ve ever been involved with. Many thanks to Chris Gidney of That’s Entertainment for his boundless energy and planning, and to my fellow guests, lecturer Felix Rayner and the Carry On team aboard: Anita Harris, Valerie Leon, Jacki Piper and Richard O’Callaghan. I have known these dear friends and admired actors for many years, of course, but to spend quality time with them aboard the fun ship the Magellen was a truly unforgettable experience. We laughed and laughed, from Tilbury Docks to Newport, with an unforgettable excursion to Rouen, and a shared love of the series and each other. We dined together, enjoyed the cabaret together, and supported each others shows, including Valerie’s forever entertaining Forever Carrying On presentation, my own behind-the-scenes wallow in facts and anecdotes and rare clips – including the ‘Film Night’ visit to the set of ‘Carry On Up the Jungle’ and the ‘Film ’92’ set report on ‘Carry On Columbus'; not to mention the sparkling Anita Harris who peppered her memoirs with a selection of her hit songs. She had the audience in the palm of her hands and, it was with delight, that myself and Jacki’s adorable agent Barry Langford, ventured ashore at La Havre to secure her some birthday treats – the big day falling the day after we were to disembark. In a hilarious Apprentice-style frenzy we located flowers, booze, chocolates, perfume and a card to be presented on stage after the closing Carry On panel. The look of genuine surprise and delight on Anita’s face, and her whispered: “You naughty boy!”, will give me a glow of happiness for many a year. It was my first cruise but, hopefully, not my last. What joyous times and joyous company. Ahoy!

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